Sunday, April 27, 2008

Forest Row

So we went to Forest Row to hook up with Sam. French got layback front rocks on it - which is hard seeing as the bowl goes to vert in 5ft. I played with my lens baby with varying degrees of success.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Matt Irving

Well worth checking out over on Slap is an interview with Matt Irving they recently put up. As well as an interesting read it covers loads of his board graphics too. Props to Isaac for conducting it and his photos.

For Gorm & French

Toby Shuall at Slam

Toby Shuall's Show opened last night at Slam - expect a little tweaker ting soon from RM.

Spencer Murphy

Check out Spencer Murphy's site for some amazing photography, the wastelands project is particular good.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guilt Free Wheels

Satori are just about to bring out the first ever environmentally sustainable range of wheels. The roots reggae radicals do this by utilising more than 50% bio oils and then offsetting the petrolium oil percentage. No news on performance but they say they skate the same as their regular wheels which can't be bad. Check their site for more details and photos.

Speaking of Satori check the video from the comp they organised at the classic San Francisco 3 up 3 down spot the other day. Adrian Williams rinses it...

New Monkey Say

Issue 17 of online magazine Monkey Say has just dropped and is full of great content including a write up on the Bowlarama comp, Biebel number ones, Demon Dam wild spot, Photographer Andy Peters and loads more.

Get reading.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kev Grey Show in Bristol

Artist and illustrator Kev Grey has a show in Bristol at the Here Gallery from Thursday 1st May to Friday 30th May. From a skateboarding perspective you'll most likely be familiar with his work with East Skateboards a couple of years ago. For more info and portfolio check and his blog at Memento Mori.

Lowcard & Bram

Bram's photos at the Lowcard show

Monday, April 21, 2008

Never Forever Premiere

You may remember a while back we ran a little article in Tweaker on the ongoing progress of the latest Monster Network video Never Forever, well the video is done and the premiere is now set for the 10th May at The Bull pub in Crouch Street in Colchester. The whole of the Tweaker staff will be in attendance and this is going to be an amazing video and night, be sure to make it up if you are in East Anglia that weekend.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good bye until Wednesday

Chief Editor Gonella is heading south next week . . .

Here is Meg and Gonella holding it down on the last week in their flat.


Road Kill are having an exhibition, it's gonna be amazing...get your arse to Broadstairs and support amazing young talent.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Unit 1 Skatepark

So Me, French, LDN Pirate, Sam, Dylan and this other dude hit up Unit 1 cause it was dry and they got tis bowl that is sick.

I love that bowl and want to go back soon . . .

Frontside and backside 5050s French and Sam

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pirates Invade Southsea - 4th May

On Sunday 4th May all hands on deck in Southsea as there is a skate day at the skatepark followed by the premiere of the new Southsea video 'Skate the Plank' at Little Johnny Russells on Albert Road. There will be more info to come so keep checking Bored's website and check the Southsea Skate Pirates MySpace page too.

New Mark Gonzales Film?

Another Sam Salganik and Mark Gonzales collaboration with point & shoots, 'Punt' looks and sounds interesting. Thanks to Jay for the heads up.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lizard in a Labcoat

Scott Madill's "Lizard in a Labcoat" Zine is out in the wild:

The Mag is currently available in Slam, Carhart Shop both in Covent Garden,

Soon to be restocked at

Bored of Southsea
Ride Coventry
Tuesday Camden

and many more when Scott can get enough printed, folded, stapled and trimmed.

Lowcard 5th Anniversary

Tonight is Lowcard Zine's 5th anniversary party/art & photo gallery show/boozageddon out at the Hamburger Eyes's Epicphotocenter in SF. Good friends and contributor's to Tweaker Zine Bram de Martelaere and Isaac McKay-Randozzi will both be having a load of their photography hanging on the walls so if you are out there now or very soon check that out. Well worth a look. Raise a can of cheep beer to Lowcard's 5 years, long may the zine live on.

Berra Mumbles On

Have you checked out the On Radio Mumbles Minutes podcasts yet over at Bob K's Mumble Magazine? In recent month's they have included Tim O'Connor, Michael Leon, Omar Salazar, Pat O'Dell, Rick McCrank and even the Knife Song, Jason Lee's always difficult to get hold of song from Blind 'Video Days', well worth a listen. This week a new episode just went up with skateboarding's very own marmite skater, Steve Berra. Makes for a good listen and well worth a download.

Berra, Birdhouse, Feasters:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pilots for Life

This is an art show and is skate related, Oscar is the mega skinny, scruffy kidult who lurks at Tuesday skateshop in Camden all the time. This is his art show, with a friend. He's a really rad guy ...come along and support him. I imagine Gorm will be there, looking for beer and finding it.

In My Mind I'm Clapping - Chrissie Abbott

Ok, so this isn't skate related, but this is Chrissie Abbott's little art show...if you end up in East london, go check it, they have a cafe, not one that does greasy breakfasts alas, but at least you can get a cupper. She's gonna be famous! She's the nuts!

Document + 1/Slam Party

Another one of those parties tonight.


A little while back French got promoted from contributor to editor here at Tweaker Zine. We had a meeting in the plush board room, the one in Tweaker Towers with floor to ceiling windows with a stunning vista of Croydon. After some tea and biscuits (custard creams, nice, rich tea and pink wafers) French was unanimously voted in. As well as keys to the executive crapper and co-pilot seat in the Gorm-mobile French will also be posting away here on the Tweaker Blog. Get ready.

French slashing on a recent Purley mini attack, photo by Gorm

Tweaker Blog Lives

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